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Brief History of School of Nurse/Midwife/Public Health Tutors programme

The Nurse/Midwife/Public Health Tutors programme is a programme initiated in 1976 as part of efforts to implement the then Third Development Plan as it relates to Health care services. The Federal Government, having identified shortage of manpower as a major constraint in health care services, formulated specific health policies and objectives, designed to create considerable development impart in the Health Sector. One of such policy, apart from further expansion of relevant health training institutions in the country, was to pursue a more dynamic training programme than in the past for the various cadre of Health Workers especially those in very short supply. Nursing education was one of such areas of need with shortage of manpower as it affects health services in general. The above conceived, and with the well-known reputation of which University College Hospital, Ibadan and all its various schools of Health Workers including the medical school are famous, the University College Hospital, Board of Management was approached with the plan in July 1976.

Presently, the school has gone beyond the original conception of its founders.

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Our Team

Present Appointment:The School Coordinator


Mrs. EKE J.E.
Present Appointment: Chief Nurse Educator


Present Appointment: Chief Nurse Educator


Present Appointment: Assistant Chief Public Health Nurse Educator

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